Flour whiteness meter laboratory small R3-BPL-CM

The whiteness meter RZ-BPL-CM is designed to determine the quality and grade of flour at the enterprises of the flour-grinding and baking industries by measuring the reflection coefficient and whiteness indicators of flour in separate areas highlighted by a color filter.

A feature of the whiteness meter is the possibility of using replaceable modules with various light filters, which allow, on a single unified basis, to measure the whiteness index not only of flour, but also of sugar, chalk, starch, paper, etc., subject to the development of metrological support.
The method for determining whiteness is established by GOST 26361-84, which applies to high-quality baking wheat and rye flour.


Wavelength at the maximum transmission of light filters, nm 540±5
Range of indications of reflection coefficients, % 10-100
Main measurement range of reflection coefficients, % 40-100
Limit of permissible value of the main absolute error when measuring the reflection coefficients, % 1
Limit of admissible value of the random component of the main absolute error, % 0.2
Time to prepare the device for operation, no more 15 minutes
Time of continuous operation, not less than 8 ocloc’k
Power consumption, W, no more 5
Overall dimensions, no more than, mm
– measuring heads 160x130x265
– registration block 195x175x85
Weight, kg
– measuring heads 2.5
– registration block 0.2