Dairy centrifuge OKA

The OKA centrifuge is designed to separate inhomogeneous liquid systems with a density of up to 2 g / cm3 (2.103 kg / m3) in the field of centrifugal forces in laboratory, controlling milk and dairy products, to determine the fat content according to GOST 5867-69 in the mass fraction of protein in milk during research tests according to GOST 25179-82, in the practice of clinical laboratory diagnostics and in research in the field of veterinary medicine, medicine, biology, biochemistry, etc.

Various sets of glasses and containers are installed on the centrifuge disc, which ensures the versatility of its application. The centrifuge is made in desktop execution. It is equipped with a timer and an automatic lock that prevents the motor from starting when the lid is open. The lid of the centrifuge has a viewing window made of organic glass. Unlike previously manufactured and operated centrifuges, significant improvements have been made to the existing centrifuge. On the control panel there is a compact electronic unit with a mains switch, light indication of operating modes, as well as an automatic electronic timer for setting the time.


Maximum number of samples 8
Separation factor: – for the study of milk and dairy products – 500 ± 50

– for other studies – 500±100

Exposure range, min from 1 to 30
Rated supply voltage of the AC network with a frequency of 50 Hz, V 220
Electric motor power, W, no more 180
Weight, kg, no more 35
Mean time between failures, h, not less than 150
Rated speed, min 1500