Milk quality analyzer Lactan 1-4M (Spanish: Mini with Protein)


Parameters measured: fat, PROTEIN, SOMO, density, added water
Measurement time: 3 minutes
Types of milk: WHOLE COW’S MILK ONLY Milk
sample preparation: milk must be warm
Rinse: manual
Computer connection: not available
Portable printer connection: not
available Features: Powered from 12 V (car battery)

“Lactan 1-4M” isp. Mini is a portable, small-sized, high-speed analyzer with the possibility of autonomous power supply from a car battery.
The analyzer is convenient for use in peasant and farm enterprises, and is also ideal for receiving milk from private farmsteads. The power supply used ensures stable operation in case of voltage drops in the network in the range from 100 to 260 V. The small size and autonomy of the analyzer “Laktan 1-4M” isp. Mini allow you to use it in the field.
Ultrasonic analyzer “Laktan 1-4M” isp. Mini determines the mass fraction of FAT, PROTEIN, SOMO, DENSITY AND ADDED WATER (falsification) in a sample of whole cow’s milk.
The average measurement time is 3 minutes, which is 2 times faster than the traditional analysis method, safer, more economical and easier. At the same time, the accuracy of determining milk quality parameters fully complies with the requirements of standard methods.
“Lactan 1-4M” isp. Mini is an affordable and easy-to-use high-quality analyzer that allows you to reduce the material and time costs of analysis.


Milk quality analyzer “Laktan 1-4M” isp. The Mini comes factory graded ONLY for whole cow’s milk.
Attention! If you need to work with other types of milk (pasteurized, sterilized, reverse, cream, etc.), you should choose a different analyzer model (for example, “Lactan 1-4M” isp. 220, 230, 500 STANDARD, 500 PROFI, 700).

Setting the operating mode:

In the milk quality analyzer “Laktan 1-4M” isp. MINI setting the operating mode takes no more than 10 minutes. Warming up is performed automatically after the analyzer is connected to the network. When the warm-up is complete, the display will show a ready-to-use message, after which you can work on it all day.
Supply voltage
In the milk quality analyzer “Laktan 1-4M” isp. MINI special attention is paid to the characteristics of the power source. A wide range of AC supply voltage from 100 to 260 V allows you to work without changes in metrological characteristics in villages and villages, where there are significant voltage drops in electrical networks. Power consumption is not more than 40 watts. The ability to operate the analyzer from a 12 V battery will allow you to effectively use it when receiving milk from private farmsteads.


Overall dimensions of 130 x 170 x 220 mm, combined with low weight, only 370 g, make the milk quality analyzer “Laktan 1-4M” isp. MINI is as mobile as possible, allowing it to be used in the field. A special case ensures its complete safety and ease of transportation.


Verification is carried out in the Rosstandart system. Milk quality analyzer “Laktan 1-4M” isp. MINI is supplied by an attorney of FGU Novosibirsk TsSM. The calibration interval is 1 year. After the expiration of the verification period, you can contact the nearest CSM with the verification procedure or any service center of the manufacturer.


Characteristic name Measurable indicator of milk quality
Mass fraction of protein, % Mass fraction of fat, % Mass fraction of SOMO, % Density, kg / m 3 Mass fraction of added water, % (*)
1. Measuring range 1.5÷3.5 0 ÷ 10 6 ÷ 12 1000÷1040 0 ÷ 100
0 ÷ 5 5÷10
2. Limits of permissible values ​​of the systematic component of the main absolute error, % ±0.1 ±0.05 ±0.1 ±0.2 ±0.3 ±1
3. Limits of permissible values ​​of RMS of the random component of the error, % ±0.03 ±0.02 ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.2 ±0.3