Number in the state register: 56722-14
The СМР-1 lamella contact pressing force meter is designed to measure the pressing force in a separate pair of lamellas of cut-in type electric knife devices, including disconnectors 10 … 750 kV and switchgear cells 6 … “Scope and standards of electrical equipment testing”.

The body of the device is combined with a force sensor. When working with the device, the operator sets the distance d between the jaws of the sensor, equal to the thickness of the disconnector knife, by moving the movable jaw. Next, the operator turns on the power supply of the device and, having inserted the sensor sponges between the lamellas of the disconnector, presses the “Start” button. The indicator shows the pressing force of the slats in N.

The device can also be used to adjust the force of contact pressing. To do this, the sensor sponges are inserted between the slats and the pressing force of the slats is changed with an adjusting screw.



Measuring the force of contact pressing in a separate pair of slats of electric cutter-type cutters

Distinctive features:

  • СМР-1 is the only device for measuring the force of contact pressure, included in the State Register of SI!
  • Calibration interval 2 years