The VFM-3 voltamperemeter is designed for simultaneous measurement of the effective value of three phase and three linear voltages, AC strength in three circuits with simultaneous calculation of active, reactive and apparent power in the circuit, frequency measurement, phase angle between phase and linear voltages, between currents and voltages, as well as the output of a vector diagram of voltages and currents in three-phase systems.

It has a built-in electricity meter function (see mode 2).

The device can be used for complex testing of the protection of generators, transformers, lines, in the circuits of current and voltage transformers, adjustment of phase-sensitive relay protection circuits, to check the correct connection of electricity meters.


  • real  3-phase and 3-linear voltages, V
  • I in 3 chains, A
  • P (W), Q (VAr), S (VA) power
  • ƒ, Hz
  • φ between Uph and Ul
  • φ between I and U

Distinctive features:

  • The most compact and lightest (0.3 kg) of modern 3-phase voltamperemeters;
  • On the 4.3” color indicator, all the main measurement results are placed simultaneously, a vector diagram is displayed;
  • Allows you to check the correct connection of single-phase and three-phase electricity meters and the absence of unauthorized interference in their work, thanks to the function of counting electricity;
  • Measurement of alternating current within 0 … 30 A without breaking the circuit. In this case, in the range of 0 … 50 mA, the absolute error does not exceed ±1 mA;
  • Measurement of phase shift between voltage and current, including at currents less than 50 mA. Absolute error at a current of 50 mA or more – within ± 1 deg, at a current of 15 mA – no more than ± 3 deg;
  • Carrying in a bag is carried out with wires connected to the measuring unit. To switch to the working position, it is not necessary to connect the connectors, just open the bag;
  • Calibration interval 2 years