Number in the state register: 47914-11
The device for testing batteries of substations with inrush current TAB-1 is designed to test the voltage of batteries (AB) at inrush currents in accordance with clause 33.2 of STO 34.01-23.1-001-2017 “Scope and standards for testing electrical equipment”.
Category: Devices for SOTS
  • Battery voltage measurement at idle
  • Loading the battery with a current of a predetermined strength with a duration of 0.3 s
  • Battery voltage measurement under load
  • Calculation of voltage difference (drawdown)
Distinctive features:
  • The device has a built-in character-synthesizing liquid crystal indicator (display), which displays the load current and measurement results in numerical form
  • The control of the current setting and the start of the loading process in the TAB-1 device is carried out by the encoder handle installed on the front panel
  • The instrument is powered by the battery under test with DC voltage (220 +10/-40) V
  • Calibration interval 2 years