Before carrying out an open-circuit test according to clause 6.2 of GOST 3484.1, when diagnosing a transformer in operation, it is necessary to demagnetize its magnetic circuit from residual magnetization that occurs due to a sudden drop in the supply voltage (disconnection of the transformer from the network) and current interruption when it does not go through zero. For this, the CHEP3601 device, designed specifically for these purposes, is optimally suited.

In addition, in combination with  a TROM-1 milliohmmeter,  they constitute a complete complex for diagnosing a transformer for compliance with the resistance of its windings to specified standards, since it allows you to demagnetize the transformer after measuring the resistance of its windings with direct current.


  • Demagnetization of transformers of any power


  • Small weight and dimensions of the device
  • Fast demagnetization of high power transformers
  • Operation from AC mains 220 V, 50 Hz