Number in the state register: 78273-20

The IKS-30A microohmmeter is a universal device that is suitable both for measuring transient resistances and for measuring the resistance of circuits with high inductance, such as power transformer windings. Due to the wide range of measured resistances (from 1 µΩ to 100 kΩ), the device will also allow you to measure the resistance of CT and VT windings. Providing short measurement time and high accuracy, IKS-30A will become the optimal device for crews servicing 35-110 kV substations.

Microohmmeter IKS-30A has a Bluetooth interface that allows remote start, recalculation of the resistance of the transformer windings by temperature, as well as generating and saving a test report using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) running on the Android OS.

In addition, the IKS-30A application implements  the “Cable Control” mode  for accepting cable and wire products according to standard parameters.

Link to download the app on  Google Play .

The device has a built-in damping circuit to release the energy accumulated in the magnetic circuit during the measurement, and quickly reduce the current in the winding to zero after the measurement is completed.


  • Measurement of DC electrical resistance of transformer windings, including CTs and VTs
  • Measurement of transient resistance of high-voltage circuit breakers and other devices
  • Control of electrical resistance of cable and wire products ( “Cable control” mode is  implemented in the IKS-30A application for devices running Android OS)

Distinctive features:

  • Light weight and dimensions
  • Measuring current up to 30A
  • Battery powered
  • Bluetooth interface for remote control
  • Measurement of highly inductive circuits with a resistance measurement range up to 100 kΩ
  • Calibration interval 5 years