Bactericidal wall-mounted irradiator OBN-35 (two-lamp) is designed for air and surface disinfection in rooms by ultraviolet bactericidal radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm.

Two-lamp wall irradiators OBN-35 are recommended for use in small premises: medical and children’s institutions, food trade and public catering organizations, food production, public and warehouse premises, as well as in apartments and offices in the absence of people.


The irradiator is completed with two open bactericidal lamps with a power of 15 W. The design of the device provides easy access to electrical components, allowing for quick maintenance.


The bactericidal irradiator OBN-35 is included in the state register of medical devices, has a registration certificate No. FSR 2009/05399 and a certificate of conformity No. ROSS RU.IM25.N07563.


Bactericidal wall-mounted irradiator OBN-35 (two-lamp) has a number of advantages


  • High disinfection performance
  • Increased reliability and modern design
  • Recommended for disinfection of small rooms in the absence of people
  • Covered with powder enamel made in Finland, which increases corrosion resistance
  • Use of components from European manufacturers from Germany and Bulgaria
  • Lightweight, small size, long service life
  • Warranty period of operation – 12 months


The use of open irradiators in the presence of people is strictly prohibited.
The use of ultraviolet irradiators requires strict implementation of safety measures.



  • Number of germicidal lamps 2
  • Power consumption, W, no more than 60
  • Power supply voltage, V 220
  • Frequency, Hz 50
  • Mounting method wall
  • Overall dimensions, mm 482х54х162
  • Weight, kg, no more than 1.25