Sieving is designed to determine the degree of infestation by insects and mites in explicit form according to GOST 13586.4, and when equipped with additional sieves, it is used to determine the size and weed impurity according to GOST 30483. Sieving

U1-ERL-10-3 developed by Russian engineers and scientists is unique and the best of domestic and foreign analogues.

Laboratory sieving U1-ERL-10-3 ensures the isolation of live insects and mites (regardless of their number) from grain with minimal injury. It is used instead of the previously used sieving POZ-1, as well as a set of laboratory sieves for contamination for manual sieving, used in Russia and abroad.


  • sieving significantly speeds up and facilitates the work of laboratory research;
  • obtaining an accurate assessment of the contamination of grain, regardless of the mass of the sample. Sifting time for 2 kg of grain – 3-4 minutes;
  • the in-line principle of grain sifting in a narrow channel and a thin layer ensures high screening efficiency of insects that press their paws when they hit the channel walls;
  • simple and easy access to the sieves and tray for counting insects and mites;
  • patented balanced low-noise drive of circular translational motion with low power consumption and weight, equipped with a timer-switch;
  • the ability to quickly replace sieves to perform other functions;
  • sieves have high reproducibility of analyzes and high reliability;
  • during operation, the sifter does not require maintenance.