Laboratory sifters of the RL type are used in laboratories of the State Grain Inspectorate, laboratories of grain-producing, grain-receiving and processing enterprises to control infection, contamination and fineness of grain, fineness of flour, cereals and animal feed. RL-type sieves can be successfully used for fractionation of various other bulk materials and can be completed with appropriate sieves and gratings at the request of consumers.

Sieving RL-1 – single-cavity for 6 sieves SL-1, 3 bottoms and a lid or a set for grain contamination analysis. The sifter consists of a circular progressive motion drive equipped with a timer-switch (0-30 min.)

The sifter is completed with laboratory sieves and accessories at the request of the consumer. When ordering, the consumer can indicate the required types of analyzes of flour, cereals, grains, feed or the numbers of the required sieves, sieves and cell sizes.


· Complete balance, low noise level, low power consumption, reliable handling and maintenance, compactness, modern design.

· Possibility of simultaneous analysis from one to six product samples.

· Sieves for the control of flour possess the increased accuracy.

· Time of grain contamination analysis on sieving type RL-3; RL-4 is reduced by 5-10 times compared to manual screening.