Trichinoscope Steak with 50x lens.

Lens 50x – included.

Trichinelloscope Steak 50x is designed to control trichinosis infection of slaughter products of domestic and wild animals in the conditions of laboratories of sanitary and veterinary examination, SES. The trichinelloscope is also used to control fish at fish receiving points and fish processing plants for diagnosing parasitic diseases. Control method – compressor.

Trichinelloskop Steak 50x is certified and recommended by the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Russia for wide use. Methods are approved by the bodies of veterinary sanitary examination and sanitary and epidemiological control. Magnification of the device 50x. The Trichinoscope Steak 50x differs from its foreign analogues in its compactness, the possibility of being powered from the vehicle’s on-board network, and the use of available automotive lamps.

Magnification, times 50s
Diagonal screen size, mm 140
Number of compressors in the delivery set, pcs 2
Nutrition 220V/50Hz
or =12V
Power consumption, W 100
Overall dimensions, mm 200x300x420
Weight of the device with power supply, kg 7