Complex for the determination of protein and nitrogen by the Kjeldahl method

Currently, Kjeldahl analysis is the most common and accurate method for determining protein in various products, but, unfortunately, it has a number of significant drawbacks – this is low speed, a large number of possible losses during the analysis, bulky equipment, and the use of aggressive reagents.
The disadvantages of this method can be reduced by the use of a semi-automated complex for the determination of nitrogen and protein by the Kjeldahl method.
The complex of equipment for carrying out a full cycle of analysis consists of:
– an ashing unit (digestor)
– a scrubber, a water jet pump
– a distillation unit
– a titration unit.

Application area:

Determination of nitrogen or protein in foods, dairy products, feed, water, drinks, medicines, chemicals, soil in accordance with GOSTs.
Main technical characteristics:

– operating temperature range from 50 to 450°С;
– discreteness of display of digital indication of temperature 1 °C;
– discreteness of display of digital indication of time 1 min;
– accuracy of temperature control 1°С;
– number of test tubes – 4 pcs.;
– distillation time from 5 to 15 minutes;
– water consumption for distillation – 3 l/min.
– Working temperature of 450 °C allows to significantly reduce the time required for sample combustion;
– For better decomposition, stepwise heating tactics are used;
– Possibility of selection of temperature regimes for different types of products;
– The use of a semi-automatic distillation unit allows not only to significantly speed up the analysis itself, but also to increase the reproducibility of the results obtained;
– Lower cost compared to imported counterparts;
– Continuous information and technical support from the manufacturer throughout the entire period of operation.