Helminthological apparatus “Gastros”


Designed for the isolation of Trichinella larvae by digestion in artificial gastric juice. The device implements the research methodology for trichinosis, approved by the Department of Veterinary Medicine.

Work features:

Only the digestion method allows group analysis of samples of bacon, lard, frozen and bracketed meat.

microprocessor control;

sound and light indication of modes;

Minimized consumption of reagents;

  • stainless steel working capacity;
  • small time of an exit to the mode;

indication of the time remaining until the end of the procedure;

  • interactive mode of operation with “hints” to the operator;

Possibility to study up to 10 samples weighing 5 g each.

Main technical characteristics

Supply voltage, V 220

The volume of the working chamber, l 1

Mass of group sample, g up to 50

Time of one study, min 45

Overall dimensions, mm 405x212x164