Structurally, the PT-80″Systemat” version 1 is an optical-mechanical device of the projection type and is the result of continuous improvement of technology in this direction.
Having placed on the object table (fixed or movable two-coordinate), the object of observation is examined in transmitted light using the bright field method built into the base of the halogen illuminator, on the translucent screen of the trichinelloscope.
Execution with a binocular nozzle is possible.

The PT-80 “Systemat” family of light projection trichinelloscopes is intended for diagnosing trichinosis and sarcocystosis in the meat of pigs and cattle in veterinary sanitary examination laboratories, veterinary institutions and specialized farms using the compressor microscopic trichinelloscopy method.
The structure of muscle fibers and other elements of muscle tissue, Trichinella larvae, their capsules and the reaction of surrounding tissues are clearly visible in trichinella-infested pork meat.
Diagnostics is carried out in relation to the meat of pigs, wild boars and other animals susceptible to these diseases, and also allows you to identify parasites in the muscles of fish, pathogens of opisthorchiasis of cyprinids and anisakiasis of marine fish, trematode partenids in freshwater mollusks and muscles of fish, with helminthological assessment of pastures.


The power supply of the trichinelloscope lamp is carried out from a DC or AC network with a frequency of 50 Hz and a supply voltage of 6V and a power consumption of 10W.
The main parameters, dimensions and characteristics correspond to the values ​​given in the table:

Name, parameters, units of measurement Letter designation Norm
Maximum illumination in the center of the screen, lx, not less than E 50
Magnification of the optical system, multiple not less V 80
Focusing range, mm, not less – coarse – fine 30 10
Resolution of the optical system, lin, not less than R 50
Visible screen size, mm, not less than D 220
Power consumption, W, no more P 15
Overall dimensions, mm, no more 325 x 430 x 490
Weight, kg, no more 4.5
*Mean time between failures, hour, not less That 4000
Average service life, years, not less Тср 7
Average recovery time, min., no more TV 25