Thermostat for calibration of reference viscometers
Temperature control range +20…+50 °C
Nine reference viscometers in two rows

  • Liquid overflow thermostat with transparent walls VIS-T-06 is designed to maintain the set temperature during metrological work using reference viscometers.
  • Has a built-in heat exchanger for connection to the water supply or through-flow cooler when the control temperature is set below or slightly above ambient temperature.
  • Holders for glass viscometers are included in the scope of supply.


Temperature control range +20…+50 °С
Instability of maintaining the set temperature ±0.01 °С
Inhomogeneity of the temperature field in the working volume of the thermostat ±0.02 °С
Bath volume 83 l
Recommended coolant distilled water
Number of places for installing viscometers 9 pcs
Thermostat dimensions 710×280×910 mm
Working area dimensions 440×190×590 mm
Viewing window dimensions 440×530 mm
Weight of the thermostat without coolant 45 kg
Power consumption 2.5 kW