Thermostats BFW -1020 are designed to bring the liquid passing through the pump to a predetermined temperature required for biochemical laboratory research.

The liquid, passing through the working surface of the thermostat, is heated directly through the hose through which it is supplied to the system.

BFW-10 is:

  • automatic regulation and maintenance of the set temperature;
  • continuous temperature measurement in the working chamber of the thermostat;
  • digital indication of the current and set temperature based on light-emitting elements;
  • emergency signaling.

Advantages of the thermostat BFW -1 :

  • low power consumption;
  • light weight;
  • quick achievement of the set temperature in the working hose;
  • the minimum time to reach the operating mode;
  • high reliability;
  • modern design;
  • ease of handling.


Adjustable temperature range:
lower value Ambient temperature
upper value +42
Discreteness of temperature assignments, Сº 0,1
Accuracy of maintaining temperature at the outlet point of the thermostat in operating mode, Сº ±0,8
Mains voltage, V 220±10%
Frequency Hz 50±1
Maximum power consumption, W, no more 100
Net mass, kg 2,5
Gross mass, kg 2,7
dimensions 190mm×260mm×150mm
Average service life, years, not less 10
Ambient temperature during operation, Сº +10….+35