Negatoscope HM-3 euro 3-frame

  • The series of NM negatoscopes successfully combines strength and reliability, safety and modern design.
  • The negatoscope is designed to view negatives, photographs and drawings and other images on transparent films in transmitted light. It is operated at a temperature of +10 +35 degrees and at an air humidity of not more than 80%
  • The negatoscope is a plastic case with energy-saving lamps installed in it with a switch and a Plexiglas screen.
  • Surfaces are resistant to wiping with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with the addition of 0.5% detergents.


type gauge (mm) Supply voltage
HM-1 screen with one zone 500×390 220
HM-2 screen with two zones 500×740 220
NM-3 screen with three zones 500×1030 220
NM-4 screen with four zones 560×1520 220