Sterilization kit for dental and cosmetology rooms (sterilizer GP-20 SPU, bactericidal chamber KBU-1, Stand for GP-20 SPU)

Sterilizer air model “Budgetary” GP-20 SPU

Purpose: for sterilization, disinfection and drying of instruments, glassware, laboratory supplies

Application: in medical institutions, blood transfusion stations, dental clinics, pharmacies, beauty parlors, hairdressers, laboratories of the chemical industry, food, other industries, domestic institutions, laboratories of public utilities

Can be used as a drying cabinet

Air sterilizers provide:

Uniform distribution of temperature in the working chamber due to forced air circulation;

setting and regulation of the mode temperature;

  • automatic countdown and indication of the set time intervals;
  • automatic control of temperature in a working chamber;
  • automatic start of the working program in the set time (Night mode);

setting the heating rate 2° C/min., 5° C/min., 7° C/min.;

  • digital indication of the current and set temperature.

Sterilizers have:

Minimum time to reach the operating mode;

low power consumption;

low weight;

  • sound and visual signaling of excess temperature;

ease of use;

  • high reliability in work;

protection against overheating;


Camera bactericidal KBU-1 SPU

Application: in operating rooms, dressing rooms, examination rooms, dental rooms, laboratories, pharmacies, research and medical institutions and other medical institutions where work with sterilized medical instruments is carried out.

Purpose: for storing pre-sterilized medical instruments in order to reduce the risk of their secondary contamination by microorganisms. The bactericidal chamber ensures the constant readiness for operation of medical instruments during their long-term storage up to 7 days (168 hours).

Features and Benefits

The bactericidal chamber is made of stainless steel of special grades, which allows it to withstand the effects of aggressive chemical environments and UV radiation. The presence of 2 sources of UV radiation increases the usable area for placing the tool by 2 times and ensures direct exposure of UV rays to tools located on both the upper and lower shelves. Reliable and easy to operate. Minimal time is spent on preparation for work. The bactericidal chamber has a low power consumption, due to the separate switching on of the lamps, depending on the degree of loading of the chamber and optimal weight characteristics. There are special brackets for mounting the camera on the wall.

Light indication of modes and time:

  • Indication of the time elapsed since the last reboot of the camera in hours;

indication of the operating time of the lamps in hours;

  • light indication of the “tool preparation” mode;
  • light indication of the mode “tools are ready”;
  • light indication of the mode “tool storage time has expired”;
  • light indication of the “reloading” mode.

Personnel safety and alert:

when the door is opened, sound and light alarms are activated;

  • when the chamber is loaded for more than 10 minutes, an audible alarm is triggered and the digital “hour” indicator flashes, which inform the medical staff that unclaimed instruments are again subject to sterilization;

After 7 days (168 hours) of operation, sound and light alarms are triggered, which notify the medical staff of the need to process the chamber;

  • when the door is opened, the bactericidal lamps are automatically switched off, which eliminates the exposure of personnel;
  • tinted glass delays UV radiation and provides protection for personnel, and at the same time makes it possible to visually select the tool without opening the door for electrical safety meets the requirements of GOST R 51350 in terms of protection class.