Destructor of needles DI-1M – The most popular model of destructors!

Its distinguishing feature is a combination of high quality and reasonable price. Unlike many cheap imported analogues, it allows you to confidently dispose of not only the thinnest needles, but also ensures the burning of needles of the most common sizes of syringes. The device has been tested in many clinics. Produced for over 5 years. The DI-1M destructor allows, in addition to the complete destruction of the injection needle, to destroy the syringe body, which prevents the reuse of used syringes. The device has a registration certificate of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and SR No. FSR2007/01151.

The needle destructor allows you to completely safely dispose of the used needles of disposable syringes and destroys the syringe body.

Main advantages of the device:
– absolute safety;
– allows you to destroy the needle immediately after the injection, which reduces the risks for other people from the possibility of being stabbed with a used needle;
– does not require removal of the needle from the syringe;
– allows you to avoid additional costs for the disinfection of needles and their collection in special containers for sharps;
– after the destruction (burning) of the needle, an absolutely clean disposal product is obtained that does not require any additional processing.
Operating principle:
The needle on the syringe is inserted into the hole on the top surface of the device. The needle closes the upper, and located at a short distance from it, the lower electrodes, as a result of which the needle heats up and begins to melt. The whole process, depending on the length and diameter of the needle, takes 2-3 seconds. The remains of the destroyed needles in the form of metal granules are collected in a separate container.


Burnt needle diameter 0.3 – 1.3 mm
Needle burning time 3 sec
Burnt needle length not less than 35 mm
Voltage 220 V, 60 Hz
dimensions 285*200*147
Mass (net) 3.0 kg