Thermostat AT-1 for BOD (+20 degrees +/-0.5)

The electric dry-air thermostat of the AT series is distinguished by high reliability in operation, compactness, light weight and low power consumption.

Equipped with a modern microprocessor system for automatically maintaining the set temperature.
The thermostat displays the current temperature.

The presence of the refrigeration unit makes it possible to maintain the set temperature in the working volume with high accuracy at an ambient temperature of + 16 to + 30 °С.

The refrigeration unit of thermoelectric type ensures silent operation of the thermostats.

The working volume of the chamber is optimal for temperature testing for most research applications.

Due to its small dimensions and modern design, the thermostat fits well into the interior of any laboratory.





Overall dimensions of the thermostat, mm

422 x 402 x 490

Chamber working volume, dm3


Door dimensions, mm

420 x 460

Weight of the device, kg, no more


Temperature setting range in the working volume, °C

+ 20.0

Resolution of the temperature controller, °С,

Resolution of the temperature indicator, °С,


Deviation of temperature from the set value in steady state, °C, no more


Temperature stabilization time, min., no more


Analysis time range

Power consumption, VA, no more


Refrigeration unit type


Heater type


Heater supply voltage, V


The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of the thermostat that do not impair its operational and accuracy characteristics.


Operating conditions


Ambient temperature, °С

from + 16 to + 30

Atmospheric pressure, kPa

from 84 to 106

Relative humidity, %, no more


AC power

(220 ± 22) V, (50 ± 1) Hz