BOD measurement system OxiTop Control

The high-level BOD measurement system OxiTop Control is a piece of equipment consisting of measuring heads and a regulator with an infrared interface for control. The system provides full tracking of testing on a large screen, from sequential simultaneous start to subsequent storage and control of data from 100 electronic measurement heads.
The OxiTop Control 12 analyzers in addition to the OC 110 controller are excellent for measuring the respiration value of soil or biogas. If the sample needs to be incubated, this will not affect the timely receipt of the analysis results.
The display of the controller visualizes the curve, this makes it possible to identify and correct errors or start the process again without waiting for the end of the measurement operation. The data can be transferred to a PC for evaluation using the AK-540/B cable and the Achat OC communication program.

Features of the OxiTop Control 12 manometric systems:
· the choice of the necessary set: 12 simultaneous measurements;
· the screen and buttons of measuring heads of OxiTop are replaced with a possibility of management by means of the IK-interface;
· possibility of adjustment, storage and processing of results from 100 heads;
designation of the sample with an individual code;
display on the display of the controller calculated automatically and graphically derived values;
transfer of information from the controller to the computer;
·data logging in accordance with GLP, RS-232 interface;
· the possibility of obtaining the result of measurement at any time, even when samples are incubated
· data is sent through the glass doors of the incubator;
· system of contactless hashing (same, as well as in standard OxiTop system);
· the curve which is displayed on the display indicates deviations and interfering influences on the controller;
· heads possess the AutoTemp function, it allows to postpone automatically start of the analysis of a cold sample;
· memory includes from 180 to 360 values
· built-in pressure sensor in the range from 500 to 1350 hPa.


Measuring principle manometric, with pressure sensor
Range Compliant 0 … 40/80/200/400/800/2000/4000 mg/l BOD
Operating pressure 500…1350 hPa
Temperature +5…50 С (storage −25…+65 С)
Rotational speed 180-450 rpm
Protection class 3 (IEC 1010)
Type of protection IP 42 (according to DIN 40050) – control unit
IP 54 (according to DIN 40050) – measuring heads
Rated voltage power adapter range 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Reading accuracy ±1% of measured value ±1 hPa
Permission 1 hPa (corresponding to 0.7% of the BOD range)
Indications led indicator