BOD analyzer for 6 bottles OxiTop IS6 WTW

The heart of the OxiTop measuring system for determining BOD (biological oxygen demand) is the pressure gauge. A sample of the studied water is placed in a BOD flask and closed with a lid with a built-in sensor. The flask is mounted on an automatic magnetic stirrer with a programmed mixing cycle, which is included in the delivery set, and placed in a thermostat. At certain intervals, readings converted to the level of biological oxygen consumption are entered into the sensor’s memory and removed by the user only on the last day of measurements. The -IS sensors have a memory for 5 units of measurement, an LED display and a measuring range of 40 units (1 unit = 3.55 hPa). The -C sensors have a memory of 360 values ​​and a measuring range from 500 to 1350 hPa. Programming, data collection and processing is carried out using the OS 100 console, which is capable of controlling up to a hundred BOD bottles simultaneously. There are two options for systems: for 6 and 12 bottles.

  • ultimate simplicity
  • mobility
  • accuracy and reproducibility of readings
  • lack of mercury-containing sensors
  • digital display (-IS) or data processing remote control (-Control)
  • performing measurements in accordance with the standard method DIN 38409 part 52
  • wide measuring range with out-of-range indication
  • AutoTemp feature – advanced temperature control ensures that measurements automatically start at the optimum temperature
  • perfect mixing circuit – does not need any maintenance
  • automatic zeroing at the start of measurements
  • built-in memory for storing the results of 5-day measurements and, as a result, no need for daily measurements
  • the possibility of conducting analyzes on weekends (automatic data storage)
  • Battery powered with a 2 year lifespan.


Number of places for samples 6
Indication range 40 divisions
(1…4000 mg/l)
Measuring range 1…90 mg/l
Error ±20%
Sensor dimensions Ø70х70 mm
Sensor weight 85 g
Agitator rotation speed 180…450 rpm
Feed agitator 220 V
Mixer dimensions 265x181x67 mm