Thermoreactor laboratory “TERMION” is designed for heating samples in reaction vessels to a predetermined temperature and holding at it for a predetermined time.
The thermoreactor is made in the form of a monoblock consisting of a heated thermoblock with electronic control and a removable stand with a stand.
At the back of the monoblock there is a heated thermoblock with 29 slots for Hach type vials and a slot for installing (if necessary) a control thermometer. In the working position, the tripod is mounted on top of the thermoblock of the device, the vials are held in the tripod holes with their own covers; after the exposure is completed, the tripod is removed from the thermoblock and placed on the stand. In front of the monoblock there is a control panel (keyboard and display) of the device.

Operating procedure
Vials with prepared samples are placed in a rack. In accordance with the MVI set the necessary time and temperature of heating. The heating and holding operations occur without interruption: at the command of the operator “Start”, heating of the thermal block begins; when the set temperature is reached, a double beep sounds. Vials with prepared samples are placed on the thermoblock. The hold time countdown starts; after the set time has elapsed, a single sound signal is given, the heating is turned off and the natural cooling of the thermoblock begins.
The last temperature and exposure time values ​​entered by the operator are stored in the device’s non-volatile memory.

Operating conditions of the thermoreactor:

Ambient temperature 10 … 35 °C
Relative air humidity at +25 °С 30 … 80%
AC supply voltage 198 … 242 V
AC frequency 49 … 51 Hz
The thermoreactor can be used as an auxiliary equipment in analytical laboratories, for example, to determine COD.


Operating temperature range, °C 50 … 175
Temperature setting resolution, °C 0.1
Temperature setting accuracy, °C ±2
Temperature maintenance accuracy, °C ±0.5
Time interval setting range from 1 min to 20 h 59 min
Discreteness of time setting, min 1
Power consumption, V * A, no more 400
Seat size (diameter x depth), mm 17 x 72
Number of landing nests, pcs 29
Overall dimensions, mm, no more 300 x 300 x 120
Weight, kg, no more 8
Operating conditions of the thermoreactor:
ambient temperature, °С 10 … 35
relative air humidity at +25°C,% 30 … 80
AC supply voltage, V 198 … 242
AC frequency, Hz 49 … 51
Thermoreactor reliability indicators:
Mean time between failures, h, not less than 2500
Average service life, years, not less 5