Test kits in 16mm reaction cuvettes for photometric determination of COD (bichromate oxidizability of water).

Compatible with any photometers with a compartment for 16mm cylindrical cells, for example, Fluorat-02M, Expert-003, TAGLER, HACH, UNICO, WTW, LEKI, Hanna Instruments. Suitable for work according to the methods of GOST 31859-12, PND F 14.1: 2: 4.210-05, PND F 14.1: 2: 4.190-03. Complies with ISO 15705:2002 “Water quality – Determination of COD – Sealed tube method”. The reagents are metrologically provided (MVI 241.0276/RA.RU.311866/2016).

Accuracy indicators:

sample COD range, mgO/l accuracy of COD determination, ± %
from 10 to 100 incl. 20
St. 100 to 500 incl. 15
St. 500 10

Three types of COD test kits are offered:

  • The main advantage of test kits is that the laboratory does not require preliminary preparation and storage of hazardous solutions , their dosing and many related operations, which often lead to an increase in the final error in determining COD.
  • LEI51x0 test kits can easily replace similar reagents already used in the laboratory; the only thing required is to recalibrate your photometer (colorimeter, analyzer).
  • The quality of LEI51x0 reagents is not inferior to imported reagents of well-known brands, at a much lower cost.
brand of reagent COD measuring range

(without sample dilution), mgO/l

COD measuring range

(with sample dilution), mgO/l

cuvette count in

packing, pcs

LEI-5160 10…160 10…16000 24
LEI-5180 80…800 80…80000 24
LEI-5100 100…1000 100…100000 24