The set “Expert-003-HPC” is made on the basis of the photometer “Expert-003” and is intended for mass measurement of COD in accordance with GOST R 31859-2012 “Water. Method for determining the Chemical oxygen demand” in all types of water (drinking, natural, waste) in the range from 10 to 800 mg/dm³. For analysis of water samples with higher COD values, dilution is allowed.
The essence of the COD measurement method according to GOST R 31859-2012 is the treatment of a water sample with sulfuric acid and potassium dichromate at a given temperature in the presence of silver sulfate – an oxidation catalyst and mercury (II) sulfate used to reduce the effect of chlorides, and determining COD values ​​in a given range concentrations by measuring the optical density of the test solution at a given wavelength of 430 or 605 nm (depending on the measurement range) using the calibration dependence of the optical density of the solution on the COD value.

Distinctive features of the photometric analyzer COD “Expert-003-HPC”:

  • – high performance analysis (up to 100 samples per day);
  • – compactness and mobility of the equipment;
  • – storage of calibration dependences in the instrument’s memory and automatic calculation of the final result in units of mg/dm³;
  • – the ability to use the analyzer COD “Expert-003-HPC” as a photometer to determine other indicators in various objects (color, ammonium ions, iron, manganese, nitrates, nickel, fluorides, etc. – are measured in the basic configuration);
  • – the possibility of expanding the kit to a universal photometer for working according to GOST methods PND F, RD, etc. with additional configuration with cartridges (375, 400, 470, 505, 525, 572, 590, 615, 626, 655, 700, 850, 880, 940 nm).

Advantages over foreign analogues:

  • fully complies with the regulatory documents in force on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • works on readily available domestic reagents in accordance with GOST, unlike imported devices that require only specialized expensive reagents (test systems) of unknown composition;
  • significant cost savings with similar functionality of the device;
  • short delivery times and prompt service.

Basic set of delivery of the analyzer COD “Expert-003-HPC”:

  • – Set “Expert-003. Basic COD” consisting of: measuring transducer of the “Expert-003” photometer, COD photocell, 2 cartridges (codes 430 and 605), cuvette 50×24 mm, test tube stand, power supply, connecting cable, instructions;
  • – Thermoreactor (for 16, 32, 64 samples – as agreed, depending on the volume of analyzes);
  • – Round cuvettes (test tubes) with caps (quantity depending on the type of thermoreactor).