Laboratory mill of cyclone type for grinding grain crops with humidity up to 20%.

Grinding of other products is also possible (eg compound feed with low fat content, soy, etc.).

The mill can be used for sample preparation when analyzing samples on an infrared analyzer, when determining the quantity and quality of gluten, as well as in other cases when grinding to a predetermined particle size is required.

The mill provides grinding of a sample of grain weighing from 10 to 50 g.

Sieve control of the crushed product is not required (descent of sieve No. 67 is not more than 1%, the passage of sieve No. 38 is not less than 60%).

The mill is equipped with replaceable sieves-lattices with opening diameters of 0.8, 0.9 and 1.0 mm.

For uniform feeding, the mill is equipped with an automatic grain feed dispenser.

The mill is provided with a self-cleaning system that allows cleaning the grinding chamber, cyclone and automatic dosing device without dismantling.

Grinding time for a sample weighing 50g 30 seconds
Permissible number of grindings per hour 18
The size of the crushed product, no more 12-14 mm
Maximum moisture content of crushed grain 20%
Hopper volume 280 ml
Receiving hopper volume 250 ml
Grinding body speed 12,000 rpm
Engine power 550 W
Noise level 73 – 75 dB
dimensions 330 x 170 x 440 mm
Weight 13 kg
Guarantee 2 years