Spirotest 5260 spirometer for measuring lung capacity Riester (Germany)


A portable spirometer (dry spirometer) is indispensable in assessing the level of lung ventilation. For a qualitative measurement of the volume of inhaled and exhaled air, a modern hand-held spirometer, which is offered by Riester, may be sufficient. With the help of such a device, it is possible to differentiate lung disease from disorders arising from airway obstruction. Riester spirometers are highly accurate, comfortable and built to last. They allow you to program the reference data of the patient, are equipped with a digital sensor and an LCD screen. This spirometer is designed in full compliance with world standards and is an ideal diagnostic tool.

The Spirotest spirometer guarantees an accurate measurement of lung capacity without water. The highest Riester quality plus an attractive design guarantee the popularity of the spirometer, especially in clinics and sports centers. The easy handling of the instrument also means that the Spirotest is a convenient device for private use.

– Modern blue body.
– Measuring range from 1000 to 7000 cm2.
– The whole set in a cardboard box with 50 mouthpieces.
– For sports research and preventive research in clinics and at home.