Wood’s lamp with magnifier B-221

The B-221 illuminator is designed for fluorescent diagnostics of fungal diseases (mycoses), as well as a number of dermatoses.

The principle of operation consists in the appearance of a glow of lesions under the influence of long-wave UV radiation in the range of 320 – 400 nm.

The device is named “Wood’s Lamp” in honor of the American physicist R. Wood.

Applications – veterinary medicine, beauty salons.


Work with the illuminator should be carried out in a darkened room.

Prepare the patient for the procedure. The affected area of ​​the body must be exposed.

Plug in the illuminator.

Aim the Wood’s lamp at the client’s face or other area to be examined at a distance of 15-20 cm.

Diagnose the condition of the skin in accordance with the table.


glow Skin condition
light blue Normal healthy skin
purple Sensitive skin
White spots Inflamed areas of the skin
Brown Pigment
Light bright spot Possible skin contamination (artifact)
Indigo Dry skin
greenish Fungal infection (lichen)

Wood’s lamp should be placed no closer than 15-20 cm from the client’s face. The optimal diagnostic time is up to 2 minutes. Be careful with diagnostic time up to 2 minutes – prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays contributes to the formation of age spots and makes the skin more sensitive. Protect your eyes from direct lamp radiation to avoid damage from ultraviolet rays.


Voltage 100V ~ 120V/220V ~ 240V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Packing size 30x21x7 cm
Device weight (kg) 0,9
Weight with packaging (kg) 1,2