Designed to measure the muscle strength of the hand in groups of people of different age and physical condition and can be used in clinics, clinics, hospitals, dispensaries, sanatoriums and sports facilities. For the purpose of the best use of the device by persons of different ages and different physical strengths, the dynamometer is produced in four types: DK25, DK50, DK100, DK140.
The main parts are made: the power spring is made of nickel-plated spring steel, the shells are made of polyvinyl chloride plastic compound.


Characteristic name DC-25 PC-50 PC-100
Measurement range, yesN 3—25 5—50 10—100
Permissible error limit, yesN 0.75 1.50 3.00
Division price, yes 0.5 1.0 2.0
Overall dimensions, mm 125x50x25 135x50x25 145x50x25
Weight, g 170 290 245