The irradiator is designed for general irradiation in the effective spectral range of 220 – 400 nm to compensate for UV deficiency, for inflammatory diseases in otolaryngology in medical and preventive, sanatorium and resort institutions.

effective spectral range of radiation, nm 220-400
irradiance during total exposure, W/sq.m 1,0
power consumption from the network, VA, no more 300
power supply:
– voltage, V
– frequency, Hz
electrical safety class II, type BF
Overall dimensions, mm 230x145x155
weight, kg 3,5

The working position of the mercury-quartz lamp is horizontal. Deviation of the product from the horizontal in both directions for an angle of not more than 10 degrees is allowed.
Stabilization of the parameters of the product occurs within 5 minutes after the start of the glow of the mercury-quartz lamp.
Mode of operation: continuous operation for no more than 30 minutes. followed by a break of at least 15 minutes.