Apparatus Crown for local darsonvalization 3 nozzles (portable).

Darsonval’s small-sized device “Crown” replaces, and also complements and greatly enhances the effectiveness of creams and ointments, has unique capabilities for the prevention and treatment of not only dermatological, but also neurological, vascular, respiratory and other diseases.
“Crown” is used in cosmetology, sports medicine, in medical institutions, as well as in the practice of a family doctor, home physiotherapy. The simplicity and convenience of the “Crown” in operation makes it indispensable for use at home (on the recommendation of a doctor).
The corona discharge that occurs between the surface of the body and the electrode develops not only in the air gap, but also in the depths of biological tissues. Electromagnetic radiation of a diverse range that occurs in the depths of tissues stimulates metabolism, tissue respiration, normalizes the activity of the autonomic nervous system, the activity of the endocrine glands, promotes partial resorption of salt deposits in the joints, regeneration of damaged tissue.
The device “Crown” meets the requirements of state standards for medical devices, approved by the Ministry of Health and has the appropriate certificates.
The device is recommended for the treatment of such diseases:
– skin diseases (eczema, lichen, acne vulgaris, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, lichen planus, focal and systemic scleroderma, keloids, hair loss, seborrhea, dandruff, etc.);
– purulent and inflammatory processes (boils, burns, frostbite, bruises, hematomas, postoperative infiltrates and wounds, trophic ulcers, etc.);
– diseases of the respiratory system (tracheitis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, etc.);
– diseases of the nose (allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, etc.);
– diseases of muscles, tendons, aponeuroses (myalgia, myositis, etc.);
– diseases of the joints (polyarthritis, arthritis, spondylarthrosis, etc.);
– diseases of arteries and veins (obliterating endartenitis, Raynaud’s disease, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, trophic ulcers);
– neurological diseases (neuritis, functional vegetative-vascular diseases).


pulse repetition rate, Hz 100±10
pulse filling frequency, kHz 110
current consumed by the device, no more than, A 0,25
working mode cyclic: 20 min. work, 10 min. break
time of continuous operation, h 8
output voltage adjustment, kV 8-25
works from the alternating current main, V/Hz 220/50
overall dimensions, mm:
– generator
– transformer
weight, kg 0,5