The WaterPik WP-100 irrigator is a model made with advanced technology. This model can confidently boast of being the quietest in operation.
WaterPik WP-100 is a versatile oral irrigator designed to flush out food debris and soft plaque from interdental spaces. Also used for tongue cleaning, braces, periodontal pockets and gum massage.
The model is designed for three people, which makes it a truly family model. So, you will be sure that your family members are reliably protected from serious oral diseases.
The irrigator is compact, but at the same time has a water tank of 600 ml. You can choose from 10 water flow modes that are as gentle as possible and meet your desires.
WaterPik WP-100 is not an aggressive and painful oral cleaning, it is a pleasant procedure that will be useful for all members of your family!
Indications :
Prevention of caries and periodontal disease (periodontitis)
Solving the problem of bad breath
Cleaning areas inaccessible to the toothbrush
The most effective cleaning of orthodontic systems (brackets).
Special nozzles. There are no analogues on the market.
Solving the problem of bleeding gums
Care of implants, prostheses.
Prevention of peri-implantitis (implant rejection)
Appropriate gum hygiene promotes rapid healing, shortens the rehabilitation period after implant placement
Prevention of gum disease in people with diabetes, strengthening local immunity
Prevention of bleeding gums (pregnancy periodontitis) in expectant mothers
Reduces the likelihood of developing gum disease in smokers
Features :
Comfortable, ergonomic design
The quietest in operation
10 levels of water
pressure Water pressure – 220 – 620 kPa
Ergonomic handle with pause button and comfortable sliding switch for permanent control of fluid pressure.
Liquid tank capacity – 0.6 l.
Possibility of use with medical and prophylactic solutions.
Mains power 220 V.
Dimensions : Length – 16.5 cm Width – 14 cm Height – 22 cm
The kit includes :
Main device,
Standard nozzles – 3 pcs.
Nozzles for cleaning the tongue – 3 pcs.
Nozzle for deep cleaning of gum pockets – 1 pc.
Ortho nozzle for cleaning braces and orthopedic work – 1 pc.
Manufacturer: Waterpik Technologies (USA).
Warranty: 1 year at an authorized service center.