Suspended level switch PSU-1 is designed to control the filling / emptying of tanks with water and other liquids that are not aggressive to the PSU material, including those containing solid inclusions. PSU-1 is used as a level sensor for sewage and wastewater, both industrial and municipal.

The sensors are available with 5, 10 and 20 m neoprene cable depending on the version.

Design. Principle of operation.Suspended level switches are mounted on a durable flexible cable and contain a hermetically sealed microswitch.

When the PSU-1 is immersed in a liquid, its body deviates, which causes the microswitch to operate. The microswitch closes / opens the electrical circuit, thus turning on / stopping the actuator (pump, valve, etc.). The figure schematically shows the switching of the CCP to control devices in case of reaching the minimum (1) and maximum (2) levels of operation.


Application of level sensors PSU-1PSU-1 level detectors can operate at temperatures from 0 to +70 °C in chemically aggressive environments. Sensor material – polypropylene, cable material – neoprene.

PSU-1 is used to control the level of wastewater, chemically aggressive liquids or food products. Using PSU-1 as a signaling device for the level of a cesspool, sewage, sewage, you can easily organize a pump control circuit.

PSU-1 is compatible with the programmable relay PR200 (with all modifications).

Examples of PSU operation when controlling pumps

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