Conductometric type level sensors are designed to signal the levels of electrically conductive liquids (water, milk, food products – slightly acidic, alkaline, etc.). The principle of operation of the sensors is based on the change in electrical conductivity between the common and signal electrodes depending on the level of the signaled liquid.

Modifications of OVEN DS conductometric level sensors

Conductometric level sensors OVEN DS are produced for operation at various pressures and temperatures. The DS.PVT sensor is designed for operation in saturated steam.

Modifications and main parameters of conductometric level sensors OVEN DS

Modification DS.PVT DS.2 DS.P DS.P.3
Operating pressure 2.5 MPa 0.25 MPa 0.1 MPa 2 MPa
Working temperature 240 °С 100 °С 70 °С
Number of electrodes 1 3