Float level sensors ARIES PDU – devices designed to signal the level of liquids. OWEN PDUs are used as part of systems for monitoring and regulating liquids (water, solutions, light oil products and other liquid media, including aggressive ones, with the exception of those that are corrosive to the sensor material) in various tanks. ARIES PDUs are used to measure both the current and the limit (maximum or minimum) liquid level. Float level sensors have general industrial and explosion-proof versions.

ARIES float level switches are resistant to foam and bubbles and can handle viscous liquids.

To control the level of non-viscous liquids, level sensors with a cylindrical float PDU-1, PDU-2 are produced, for level control of viscous liquids – with a spherical float PDU-3. According to the method of mounting, sensors are distinguished with horizontal and vertical mounting.

The OWEN company produces single-level, two-level and three-level float sensors, it is also possible to manufacture OWEN remote control sensors with explosion protection of the “intrinsically safe circuit” type 0ExiaIICT4X.

To connect to the automated process control system, the OVEN remote control sensors can be equipped with an AWG24 silicone cable of any length or a HB 0.35 wire.

Modifications of single-level sensors

Model Mounting type Float type Stem length L, standard Stem length L maximum (on request)
PDU-1.1 Horizontal Cylindrical

76 mm

2500 mm

PDU-2.1 Vertical Cylindrical

40 mm

2500 mm

PDU-3.1 Vertical Spherical

85 mm

3000 mm