Packing scales OHAUS VALOR 2000 V22PWE15T

The Valor 2000 scales are designed to perform basic weighing tasks in the food industry. Exceptional ease of setup and ease of use increase productivity. A waterproof design, the largest LED display in its class, near-instantaneous results and high accuracy are just a few of the reasons why the Valor2000 is the best balance for weighing liquids and working in wet environments.

Standard features and capabilities:

  • Protective display overlay to prevent damage from sharp objects. The robust housing and polycarbonate lining protect the scale from damage. The two scale control buttons can be pressed even with a pointed instrument!
  • The special Flow ThruTM design protects the Valor 2000 from water damage. The Valor 2000 is designed to safely weigh liquids and work in high humidity environments.
  • Fast and accurate results time after time. You don’t have to choose between speed and accuracy – Valor 2000 scales provide both at the same time! Settling time is less than half a second.
  • Two large displays allow two operators to work with the Valor 2000 scales at the same time. Two of the largest LED displays in its class on the Valor 2000 scale allow two operators to work comfortably at the same time.


LEL, kg fifteen
Discreteness, g 5
Verification division price, g 5
Accuracy class according to GOST 53228-2008 III
Average stabilization time, s ≤ 0.5
platform material stainless steel
Frame ABS plastic
Platform size, mm 190×242
Scale feet height adjustable
Level sensor bubble
Number of displays two
Display type LED
Housing protection class IPX8
Food built-in lead-acid battery for 50 hours of autonomy or from the mains via an adapter
Units g, lb
Weighing modes weighing
Overall dimensions of scales, mm 280×256×121