The OHAUS MB-27 moisture analyzer is a device with a halogen heating element. Designed for express analysis of product moisture content. An integrated analytical balance and state-of-the-art heating technology ensure fast and accurate moisture analysis. All results obtained comply with GLP/GMP requirements. The principle of operation is based on the determination of moisture content by a gravimetric method.

Functional features:

High accuracy and reproducibility of results.
Intuitive interface.
Large LCD display.
Information on the display in real time: mass / temperature / humidity.
Set of aluminum disposable sample cups, 50 pcs.
Standard RS-232C interface.
Halogen heating source
Temperature change in 5°C increments.


Calibration weight 100g(F2).
Temperature calibration kit.
Set of stainless reusable sample cups (Ø90mm), 3 pcs.
Set of aluminum disposable sample cups, 50 pcs.
Set of fiberglass discs (Ø90mm), 200 pcs.
Anti-theft lock.
Protective cover for the keyboard.
Printer cable SF40A Printer
cable STP103


Moisture analyzer name OHAUS MB-27
sample LEL, g 90
Weighing resolution, g 0,001
Weighing resolution,% 0,01
Output signal RS-232 (bidirectional)
Taring range to NPV
Display Backlit LCD
Drying temperature, °C 50-160 (step 5°С)
External calibration with weights 50 g F1/F2
Platform diameter, mm 90
Overall dimensions, mm 140x280x170
Power source Mains 100-240V/50-60Hz
Own weight, kg 2,3
Packed weight, kg 3,9