It is an intelligent, intuitive and easy-to-use professional-grade analytical balance.

Key Features

  • 5.7 inch VGA color touch display;
  • High resolution monoblock cell;
  • Contactless control of scales by means of four infrared sensors;
  • Level sensor, with backlight and setup menu;
  • Automatic internal calibration AutoCal, with calibration by time (every 11 hours), when the balance is turned on, by pressing the “Calibration” button or when the temperature changes by 1.5 ° C;
  • 11 languages ​​including Russian and 20 units of measurement;
  • Built-in bidirectional RS232 and USB interface. Optional second RS232, USB or Ethernet interface;
  • GLP/GMP results logging, pipette calibration function;
  • Data Library;
  • Illuminated windshield;
  • Anti-static windshield;
  • Hook for weighing under the scales;
  • Terminal stand, optional;

Specifications :

Model EX124 EX224 EX324
Electric door drive
EX124/AD EX224/AD EX324/AD
Average stabilization time, s ≤2 ≤3
Weight cup size, mm Ø 90 mm
Internal calibration Yes (multiple modes)
Accuracy class according to GOST 53228-2008 I
NPV, Mr 120 220 320
Discreteness, g 0,0001
Reproducibility (RMS) at LVC, g ±0,0001
Nonlinearity, g ±0,0002