Out of production! A modern analogue of Microbalance Ohaus EX225D.

Key Features:

  • AutoCal™ automatic internal calibration with two built-in weights or external calibration;
  • RS232 interface;
  • large display with backlight and user guide program;
  • stability indicator;
  • level control;
  • durable metal case;
  • weight cup made of high-grade steel;
  • high protective cover;
  • hook for weighing under the scales.


  • automatic calibration when the ambient temperature changes;
  • indication of measurement results in various units of mass measurement;
  • measurement protocol in accordance with GLP standards;
  • statistical processing of weighing results;
  • registration of several users;
  • pipette calibration;
  • measurement of sample density by hydrostatic method;
  • protection of scale settings from unauthorized access;
  • dynamic weighing.



Maximum weighing limit (LLL), g 81/210
Discreteness, mg 0,01/0,1
Reproducibility (RMS) in operation, mg 0,02/0,1
Nonlinearity, mg 0,03/0,2
Average stabilization time, s ~12/5
Weight cup size, mm D 90
Overall dimensions of scales, mm 200x300x457
Accuracy class according to GOST 24104-01 1-Special
Calibration Internal