The OHAUS MB-120 Moisture Analyzer is a high-tech instrument with increased accuracy and efficient optimization of laboratory workflows. Equipped with a halogen heating system, which provides high speed and repeatability of results with a resolution of up to 0.01%. The rugged housing and die-cast construction ensure durability and allow the instrument to be cleaned without additional tools. The pictogram-based, intuitive touch screen menu guides the operator through every step of the workflow.

Main features and features:

High accuracy and reproducibility of results;
Simple process control;
Full Russification of the interface;
Touch color display with information about the settings of the drying method, weight, temperature and humidity in real time;
Wide temperature range up to 230°С;
Temperature change in 1°C increments.
Halogen heating source;
The MB120 Moisture Analyzer has a built-in Temperature Guide for selecting the optimum drying temperature. Up to 100 drying programs and results can be stored in the memory of the MB-120 moisture meter for subsequent statistical analysis. To ensure the safety of data, you can choose from three levels of user management mode. The precisely controlled halogen system heats the entire sample evenly, resulting in fast and repeatable results. In the OHAUS MB-120 analyzer, you can select several simple one-stage drying programs and criteria for automatic end of measurement (when loss of moisture stops).


Moisture analyzer name OHAUS MB-90 OHAUS MB-120
Heating element halogen
sample LEL, g 90 120
Weighing resolution, g 0,001
Humidity measurement range, % from 0.01 to 100
Exit RS-232, USB port for PC, USB port for external devices
Display touchscreen 4.3 inches QVGA, TFT
Drying temperature, °C 50-160 (step 5°С)
External calibration with weights 50 g, F1/F2
Platform diameter, mm 90
Overall dimensions, mm 210x180x350
Power source Mains 120-240V/50-60Hz
Own weight, kg 5,23
Packed weight, kg 8,35