Moisture analyzer OHAUS MC-2000 (grain dryer)

The OHAUS MC-2000 Handheld Grain Moisture Analyzer is designed to accurately determine the moisture content of grain crops for quality control. You can use the OHAUS MC-2000 moisture analyzer in the field, during transportation, during storage. Using a moisture analyzer increases the efficiency and speed of monitoring the moisture content of cereals, allowing you to get reliable results without spending extra time. The compact and rugged design is designed for long-term use. Features of the OHAUS MC-2000 Moisture Analyzer

Simple and user-friendly interface: The OHAUS MC-2000 analyzer measures the moisture content of whole grains. Sample preparation and grinding is not required. Simply select the type of bean using the interface, place the sample (whole grain) in the special beaker and get the results automatically.

Regular Moisture Analysis Tool: The MC-2000 provides reliable measurement results within 5 seconds, which is very convenient for regular grain moisture analysis. The automatic temperature compensation system takes into account any influences from the ambient temperature, ensuring measurement accuracy.

Versatility with a variety of measurement modes: The MC-2000 has 50 modes (10 pre-programmed) to measure the moisture content of a wide variety of grain types.

The package includes:
• Moisture analyzer
• 4pcs AAA batteries
• Container
• Lid
• Calibration weight 200g
• Brush


Moisture analyzer name OHAUS MС-2000
NPV, Mr 200
Drying type Moisture measurement principle – dielcometric
Temperature range, °С from 0 to 50
Repeatability, % 0,2
Automatic shutdown Yes
measurement range 3% – 45%
Resolution 0,10%