Pocket pH meter for measuring pH/°C with pH2 probe tip for semi-solids, incl. protective storage gel cap, dosing bottles with calibration buffer solutions (250 ml) pH 4+7, TopSafe, belt/wall holder, in aluminum case pH measurement for quality assurance in the food sector The pH value of foodstuffs has a direct influence on the growth of microorganisms and, accordingly, on the quality and safety of products. For this reason, many companies use pH as a measure of quality when evaluating products. So, for example, the pH indicator is very important for meat, sausage, dairy products and cooking.

In the food sector, pH is a very important quality parameter. In particular, this parameter affects on such properties of meat and meat products as water-binding capacity, taste and color indicators, softness and shelf life. In the bakery sector, the pH value is used to determine the acidity of the sourdough.

For products such as salad dressings, pH is used to determine if quality and acidity requirements.

The advantages of the one-handed pH measuring instrument testo 206 are:

  • Direct measurement and quick assessment of the pH value of products/processes
  • Three versions of the device depending on the environment in which the measurement is carried out.
  • Robust, waterproof and dishwasher-safe protective cover “TopSafe” (protection class IP68)
  • Built-in temperature probe for simultaneous measurement of pH and temperature
  • Maintenance-free gel electrolyte
  • 1, 2 or 3 point calibration options

pH electrode

  • Measuring range 0 … 14 pH
  • Accuracy (absolute) ±0.02 pH
  • Resolution 0.01 pH

Ambient temperature measurement

  • Measuring range 0 … 60 °C (short-term up to +80 °C max. 5 min.)
  • Accuracy ±0.4 °C
  • Resolution 0.1 ° C

Technical details

  • Operating temperature 0 … +60 °C
  • Dimensions 197 x 33 x 20 mm
  • Battery life 80 hours (Auto Off 10 min.)
  • Storage temperature -20 … +70 °C