Testo 205 is a pH and temperature measuring instrument with automatic temperature compensation.

The testo 205 pH meter has been specially developed for handling semi-solid substances in the food industry.

(predominantly meat) industry and is mainly used for quality control incoming raw materials.

The use of a gel electrolyte to store the tip of the testo 205 pH meter solves the common problem of buffer leakage. Between the measuring electrode and the housing is a hollow diaphragm instead of the microporous structure commonly used in pH probes. The microporous substance becomes contaminated quickly and requires permanent additional maintenance of the device, while the testo 205 measuring tip is protected from contamination and requires almost no maintenance. Its replacement is easily carried out by the user as needed. The undoubted advantage of the device is the combination of penetrating measuring tip and probe temperature with temperature compensation.

The testo 205 has an automatic full scale recognition function.

Measurement data is displayed on a large backlit two-line digital display.

Pressing the keys is accompanied by a sound signal.

The testo 205 pH meter is included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation.

Main advantages of testo 205

  • Combined probe tip with temperature probe.
  • Easy replacement of the measuring tip by the user.
  • Maintenance-free gel electrolyte.
  • 2-line display with backlight.
  • Sound signalization when buttons are pressed.
  • Automatic full scale value recognition.
  • 1, 2 and 3 point calibration is possible.
  • The pH tip is embedded in a durable plastic.


  • Storage temperature -20 … +70 °C
  • Operating temperature 0 … +50 °C
  • Battery type Coin cell LR44
  • Battery life 80 hours (Auto Off 10 min.)
  • Dimensions 145 x 38 x 167 mm


  • Measuring range 0 … 14 pH
  • Accuracy (absolute) ±0.02 pH
  • Resolution 0.01 pH


  • Measuring range 0 … 60 °C (short-term up to +80 °C max. 5 min.)
  • Accuracy ±0.4 °C
  • Resolution 0.1 ° C