Explosion-proof OVEN PD200-DI sensors, model 315-EXD, are gauge pressure transducers with a ceramic measuring membrane, an M20×1.5 connecting fitting and a metal cable gland.

The main functions of the converter:

  • overpressure measurement of media neutral to aluminum oxide (Al2O3) (air, steam, various liquids)
  • conversion of pressure into a unified DC signal 4…20 mA and HART protocol
  • upper limit of measured pressure (URL) – range of values ​​from 0.00063 to 6.0 MPa
  • overload capacity – ten times the sensor rating
  • accuracy class – 0,1
  • degree of protection of the pressure sensor housing – IP65
  • noise immunity meet the requirements for class A equipment in accordance with GOST 30804.6.2-2013.