Sensors of the PD100-DI/DV/DIV-115-0.25/0.5-EXD series are designed for continuous conversion of gauge/vacuum gauge/gauge pressure of the medium being measured into a unified DC signal 4…20 mA with explosion protection of the Flameproof Enclosure type » 1ExdIICT6Gb.

The technology “silicon-on-silicon” (SSC), on which this model is made, is currently the most promising technology, because. offers the best value for money conversion. The technology is based on the manufacture of a sensor from a silicon single crystal with a tensoresistive bridge deposited on it by diffusion.

The advantages of this technology are high stability, low hysteresis, high overload capacity and high sensitivity – respectively, the conversion accuracy.

Sensors PD100-DI/DIV/DV-115-0.25/0.5-EXD are designed for automatic regulation and control systems in explosive primary and secondary industries that require the use of explosion-proof equipment: gas transmission and gas distribution systems, oil fields, transportation facilities and oil refining, refinery, etc.

Main characteristics

  • measurement of gauge/vacuum gauge/gauge-vacuum gauge pressure of media neutral to stainless steel AISI 316L (membrane), AISI 304SS (fitting) (natural gas, oil, water, slightly aggressive liquids).
  • conversion of pressure into a unified DC signal 4…20 mA.
  • the upper limit of the measured pressure (URL) – from 16 kPa to 25 MPa.
  • overload capacity – not less than 200% VPI.
  • accuracy class – 0.25; 0.5.
  • explosion protection “flameproof enclosure” 1 EX D IIC T6 Gb.
  • degree of protection of the case of the converter – IP65.
  • noise immunity meet the requirements for class A equipment according to GOST30804.6.2-2013.