Paraffin heater Cascade 7l is designed for heating paraffin and ozocerite (paraffin heaters), should be in every physiotherapy department or office.

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The internal capacity of the paraffin heater of the Cascade 7l paraffin heater is made of food-grade aluminum. Flat electric heaters based on heat-resistant micanite fit tightly to the outer surface of the container. Reliable thermal insulation between the heaters and the outer casing ensures a twofold reduction in temperature, i.e. at a temperature inside the working mixture of 100°C, the temperature of the outer casing does not exceed 50°C. The outer case is made of heat-resistant high-strength plastic.

The paraffin is drained from the tank using a tap. The drain head and plug are made of brass and carefully ground, the tap warms up well and the paraffin does not freeze in it. Automatic temperature maintenance is provided by a temperature sensor-relay. Setting the required mode (temperature of the working mixture) is carried out using the thermostat knob. The thermostat provides smooth temperature control. The adjustment range is divided into 2 zones: from 60 to 75C and from 75 to 100C. The paraffin heater tank is closed with a lid.

Automatic temperature control
Low external surface temperatures
Low power consumption
Does not require continuous supervision during operation
High reliability of heating elements

Overall dimensions of the paraffin heater Cascade 7l:


Weight, kg – 6.