The professional physiotherapy apparatus LC-600D is designed specifically for pressure therapy, local barotherapy and combined pressure therapy (pneumocompression massage) with a directed lymphatic drainage component in modern physiotherapy practice.

An excellent solution for private clinics and centers, allowing two patients to undergo procedures at the same time!


According to the mechanism of action, the LC – 600D device belongs to the group of devices for pneumocompression therapy.

According to clinical effects, they are classified as a pneumocompression massager (pressotherapy apparatus), a device for pneumocompression massage with a directed lymphatic drainage component, a six-section two-channel device.

Thus, the device for pneumocompression therapy LC – 600D allows you to perform two different types of exposure based on the effect of pneumocompression simultaneously to two patients:

1. Pressotherapy (actually, a massage based on an alternate increase in pressure in various sections of the cuffs).

2. Combined pressotherapy (pneumocompression massage) with directed lymphatic drainage component.

Indications for therapy:

– Chronic varicose veins of the lower extremities

– Coronary artery disease

– Hypertonic disease

– Postthrombophlebitis disease

– Cerebrovascular disease

– Consequences of acute cerebrovascular insufficiency and other CNS lesions associated with atony or hypertonicity of the limb muscles

– Osteochondrosis of the spine with cervicobrachialgia, lumboischiasis and reactive myositis of the extremities

– Deforming osteoarthritis of the joints of the extremities

– Lymphostasis post-traumatic, post-operative, post-infectious

Indications for prevention:

– for cosmetology practice (anti-cellulite effect, reduction of body volume, improvement of the condition and elasticity of the skin, removal of pastosity and edema after hardware cosmetology);

– prevention of diseases and disorders of the cardiovascular, nervous and musculoskeletal systems;

– prevention of varicose veins of the extremities, venous thrombosis;

– prevention of diseases potentiated by a sedentary lifestyle (including the prevention of prostatitis, impotence, constipation and intestinal atony);

– recovery period after injuries and operations.

Especially pressotherapy is indicated for the so-called. “lying” patients and postoperative recovery in order to prevent bedsores and congestion, both in the small and in the systemic circulation.


Pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage massage have no specific contraindications, with the exception of a violation of the integrity of the skin in the cuff application area (stale skin wounds in the form of shallow abrasions without weeping and maceration are not a contraindication to the use of pneumocompression massage), restrictions on the use or refusal to use is determined based on general contraindications to physiotherapy:

– malignant neoplasms

– systemic blood diseases

– severe general exhaustion

– stage III hypertension

– pronounced atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels

– diseases of the cardiovascular system in the stage of decompensation

– bleeding or tendency to it

– feverish state (body temperature over 38 ° C)

– active pulmonary tuberculosis

– epilepsy with frequent seizures

– hysteria with severe convulsive seizures

– psychoses with the phenomena of psychomotor agitation

– the general serious condition of the patient

Professional device for lymphatic drainage and perssotherapy LC-600D for simultaneous care of 2 patients!

It is a variation of the LC-600S.