General and local therapy with a low-frequency, low-intensity pulsed magnetic field.

Provides the formation of continuous and intermittent impulse MF differing in configuration, intensity, direction and speed of movement of the MF (running, rotating, pulsating). The possibility of influencing large areas of the patient’s body (limbs, torso).

Other configurations are possible

  • The number of established treatment programs – 99 pcs.
  • Non-volatile memory for 99 treatment programs to save your own treatment methods.
  • The repetition rate of magnetic field pulses is from 1 to 100 Hz.
  • The value of magnetic induction for the main emitter and flexible radiating line from 2 to 25 mT;
  • Main emitter – 4 pcs., flexible radiating ruler – 2 pcs., set for organization of workstation 1