The device “Tonus – Br” is a source of continuous pulsed current of a half-sinusoidal shape (frequency 50 and 100 Hz) and various parcels of this current, differing in duration, number and frequency of pulses, the form of current rise and fall in amplitude.
The currents generated by the device have a good analgesic effect, as well as vasomotor activity (capable of resolving puffiness).

Designed to treat:

  • pain conditions resulting from sprains, injuries;
  • various pain conditions with muscle spasms;
  • subacute and acute periarthritis of the shoulder;
  • lumbago;
  • interest;
  • gastroptosis;
  • neuralgia;
  • paresis;
  • neuralgic radiculitis;
  • neuritis, etc.

The device “Tonus – Br” in comparison with analogues has increased convenience in operation due to the presence of two channels of output current, the use of a procedural timer that sets the duration of the procedure, the presence of an audible signal for the end of the procedure, smaller dimensions and weight. The device uses an LCD indicator, which displays the type and value of the set current and time.


  • Number of types of diadynamic currents 9
  • Maximum current in the patient circuit, mA 50
  • Supply voltage, V 220
  • Rated power consumption, V-A, no more than 20
  • MTBF 4,000 hours
  • Overall dimensions, mm 260 x 100 x 200
  • Mass of the device without a set of accessories, kg 2

Operating conditions

  • Ambient temperature from + 10 to +35 °С
  • Relative air humidity up to 80% at + 25 °C